Tuesday, 3 March 2015

From Venice, Italy to Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Across the world in the blink of an eye.

After being steeped in Venice in Italy for many months as I wrote about Italy, I was intrigued to read about another Venice. Venice Beach in Los Angeles California.

A nephew is currently on his travels and has posted lovely photos in his on line diary on Tumbler. Called 'Keeping up with Chris' it is an apt title in more ways than one for this elusive young man who is following his dream.

Trawling through the photographs which he has uploaded, I found the whole area charming. California is on my 'to do' list. San Francisco to be exact. Thoughts of us biking it (motorbike) down Route 66 on a Honda Gold Wing have been canned. Venice Beach instead will do!

I am looking forward to hearing about the next leg of the journey.

Just a short post today.

Rosalie xx

Saturday, 28 February 2015

5* Review for the Long Leg of Italy

A wonderful glimmer of sunshine in a difficult week.

I was pondering what to include in my round-up of the week when an e-mail dropped into my Inbox. Author and publisher Jamie Cawley had very kindly offered to review The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two.

This is what she had to say:

"5.0 out of 5 stars An Entertaining and Informative Exploration of Italy, February 28, 2015

This review is from: The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two (Kindle Edition)

The Long Leg of Italy is an excellent account of a couple's experience travelling through Italy.

Rosalie has included beautiful photos, along with great detail of her travels through culturally and historically rich places including Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento, and wider Italy.

Her account of her dealings with the Vatican were particularly interesting to read.

This book catalogues Rosalie's Italy experience with food, religion, stunning attractions, transport, and the epic history that this country has to offer.

The Long Leg of Italy is a part of the Just Us Two travel series, and once you have read it, you are sure to want to check out the others!

Overall this is an outstanding book for anyone that enjoys travel."

Thank you Jamie for this wonderful review. 

Readers, you will find links to your favourite on line retailer or local bookstore worldwide in Rosalie's Bookstore
You can also read a free preview of Chapter One 'How it all Started'  

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

When the best laid plans go astray.

Yes, it happens to us all. 

We have things all nicely planned out and then woosh! It all falls down. Well nearly always all. And if things were not planned out in the first place, life could not be accommodated so easily.

A madcap exploit or just brave?

Last week I wrote about my series of birthday lunches and tacked on a little about my Zip Wire challenge in May.

Then we had a Gold Wing Club national meeting where I took the opportunity to gather (not quite twisting arms) sponsorship for my forthcoming Will Lewis Zip Wire Challenge in aid
of Dreamflight Children's Charity on May 9th this year. The response so far has been very generous and if I haven't approached you yet, don't be imagining that I have forgotten you! All the £1,£2,£3,and more added up to a tidy sum of money and a good start to meeting and beating I hope my target.

The story behind my madcap adventure.

Yes folks! I will be flying off the mountain at Bethesda, North Wales, fastened in a sling like the person in the picture. With a bird's eye view as I zoom over Penrhyn Quarry and its deep lake, I will be realising another dream. The dream wasn't originally to do the Zip Wire thing but to go in a hot-air balloon. The family were very silent on this and ignored it. I wonder why? Then I saw the Zip Wire Velocity on BBC Cymru/Wales last year and announced,
'That is what I want to do for my birthday'.
Quite a big milestone one you understand. The silence which greeted this announcement was resounding.

A week before my BIG birthday, a member of the Lancs & Lakes Gold Wings region brought details of this latest Dreamflight Fundraising Event organised by the Liverpool Fundraising Group. Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings region of GWOCGB are supporting it - we all do a lot for charity - and I jumped at the chance. Not doing things by halves, launched myself into marketing mode. Just Giving - the site where you can donate on line or by text - provide an excellent marketing kit. I got busy setting up 'my page', pushing other stuff to one side. 

Resuming my marketing and promotion plan for The Long Leg of Italy, released in January, we had yet another meeting with Gold Wing friends at the Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass, above Llangollen. It started to snow and was perishing cold. The scenery however, was as dramatic as ever in its winter dress although not the snow we experienced two years ago when this picture was taken.

In the midst of all this, the phone rang with some devastating news. The last few days have been a trifle exhausting as hospital visiting took priority amid the usual flotsam and jetsam of family life. Hence my late posting in Rosalie's Chatter.. . .


Formatting text books for Kindle. New  developments.

Amazon Kindle have brought out new software for text books. This is exciting as the original complex formatting will be retained. It will avoid having to re-format the layout, tables, diagrams etc. We plan to put all five of the Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides through this process as the reader will see it 'as is' in the print version. They are user-friendly workbooks with complex images and layout.

Reviews for other authors.

Read the latest review I have done by request on the 'Books I have reviewed' page. http://discover-rosalie.blogspot.co.uk/p/books-i-have-reviewed.html 
The Ultimate Guide to Consulting in the Networked Age. Well worth a read.

Fund raising.

Following on from the above about my Zip Wire Velocity Challenge, if you would like to help send sick and disabled children to Orlando, Florida for the holiday of a lifetime, without their parents, every £1.00 (or whatever currency is your countries) helps. Thank You. Will Lewis is a young boy who did the challenge but has since passed away. 
You can sponsor at 
http://www.justgiving.com/Rosalie-Marsh-Author   or click the Just Giving button on the top right of the screen.

Thank you.

Rosalie xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Week of Birthday Lunches

It has been a busy week as we went out on a programme of birthday lunches with friends and family.

This, along with a birthday book promotional period for The Long Leg of Italy and setting up pages and posts for my forthcoming Zip Wire Challenge has meant that Rosalie's Chatter has been a little neglected.

Well, in one fell swoop I have condensed what we have been up to.

1) A lovely lunch with friends at the Chain Bridge Hotel, Llangollen.
2) A wonderful family lunch with husband, children and husbands/wife, and grandchildren.
3) A third lunch with friends at the Glasfryn Mold.

So we are all partied out. Chocolates all eaten. House like a flower shop just how I like it. And so we roll on to Mother's Day and Easter before my BIG CHALLENGE


Rosalie xx

PS. If you want to sponsor me I would really appreciate it. Go to my Just Giving page or Text FREE on 70070 using code LLGW80. Thank you. Rosalie.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Zip Wire Challenge for Charity.

Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings (a region of the Gold Wing Owner's Club of Great Britain -GWOCGB)

Photo copyright and courtesy Lancs and Lakes GoldWings

supporting the Liverpool Dreamflight Group -Will Lewis Zip World Challenge 2015

Photo courtesy ZipWorld
Photo courtesy Dreamflight

 Hello friends. I have signed up - in my old age - to do a Zip Wire Challenge and I need your help to raise money to help to send sick and disabled children to Orlando, Florida for the holiday of a lifetime. 

Who?    the Dreamflight Charity

When?  on May 9th 2015 - Time t.b.a.

Where? Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Bangor.North Wales.

Photo courtesy Zip World

Here is a link to my Just Giving page with my story.   https://www.justgiving.com/Rosalie-Marsh-Author/

As a member of GWOCGB for over sixteen years, my husband Allen and I  have been involved in raising money for charity for many years. Each region usually nominates a local charity. We also support the nominated National Charity. This Dreamflight Event is an extra one as it is such a worthy cause.

I really need your help - just a £1 will do - to raise at least my required minimum amount.

  • How? Use the 'Donate' button on my Just Giving page. It is a secure site and your details will not be passed on. You can also Gift Aid if you are a taxpayer.which costs you nothing. If you are not familiar with gift aiding it is simply that the HMRC give back to the charity the tax you have already paid on the amount you have donated. 
  • Donating by Text is also free on 70070 using the code LLGW80 
  • The donations go straight to Dreamflight which is a national charity.

More about Zip world and the velocity challenge. 

'Zip World offers visitors a totally unique and world-class experience as they fly for over a mile through the skies on the longest zip wire in Europe – “The nearest thing to flying”!!'  http://www.zipworld.co.uk/what-to-expect-at-zip-world-velocity/

Last but not least.

If you are in the area do come along and cheer me on. Spectators wait at the signing-in post I understand. Hey-ho! Life is for living!

Rosalie xx